Chinese Jump Ropes (one dozen)

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Chinese Jump Ropes - 102 Inch Bright Colored Chinese Jump Ropes In Three Assorted Colors. How Many Moves Can You Make? How To Play: 1. Select Two Rope Holders And One Player To Begin. Holders Stand Facing Each Other With The Loop Of Elastic Rope Around Their Ankles At Enough Distance To Pull The Rope Taut. 2. Demonstrate The Jumps To Any New Players. In.In Inch Means Both Feet Inside The Rope. In.Out Inch Means Both Feet Outside The Rope One On Either Side. In.Side Inch Means Both Feet Outside The Rope On The Same Side Usually Followed By A Jump To The Opposite Side. In.On Inch Means One Foot On Top Of Each Side Of The Rope Pressing Them To The Ground. 3. Chant The Steps In Order As The Play Jumps Them: In Out Side Side On In And Out. 4. Jump Through The Whole Series Of Chants Without Missing And Move Up To The Next Level With More Advanced Jumps Or The Ropes Spread Farther Apart.

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